60 Day Weight Loss Program

60 Day Weight Loss Program

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This is a 60 days meal plan to help you achieve your fat loss goals. This is made for men and women that want to lose bodyfat. You will have 1 full day of eating examples for each week. This way you don't have to figure out your calorie intake and worry about what to eat. All you have to do is follow the meal plan. You can adjust the order of the meal to your preference . Once you make your payment, You will be able to download this meal plan.

This meal plan is simple and straight forward. Fuck All that fancy shit!.This meal plan is also budget friendly so any one could do it. No excuses.

I want you to share your progress with this meal plan make sure to do all the workout as well for best results

Be sure you put the CORRECT email for payment or else the meal plan may be sent to the wrong email If you have any question feel free to email me at fitnessaddictcoaching@gmail.com

once payment is receive there will be no refunds